The Atlantis Water Fun team presents you with on boardsport fishing activities that will make the fishing days of your group of friends a memorable experience and full of captures!


This program consists of fishing in boat based on or driftingin fish with depths varying depending on the species it seeks to capture.


During the period from October to May, we carried out fishing trips to various species in the area of Peniche, whenever the weather conditions allow.


In parallel and depending on the time of year, we do boat fishing to specific species.



We promote the selective capture of specimens on our high seas sport fishing journeys respecting minimum catch and weight measures so that we all actively participate in the conservation and sustainability efforts of the species.

Note: Subject to a minimum group of 6 people
















Thank you all for a very enjoyable morning’s fishing.. We would definitely recommend you and we hope to see you again soon. Thank you.

Rosh and Killian


We had a great time fishing, even with harsh weathers, Fernando was able to bring ja some nice fish in the line, we can definitely recommend it!

Thomas H.